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Boracay Beach, "The Best Beach in the Philippines"

Boracay Island in the Philippines is famous for its beautiful 4 kilometer / 2.5 mile long white beach that is stretched out along the islands west side. The main white beach of Boracay is divided (figuratively) into area comonly refered to by local Filipinos as Boat Stations, a way of helping them to determine what Boracay hotel you will be staying at.


Many people who inquire about and ultimately travel to Boracay do not know is that there are over 13 white beaches that surround the island, a few of these Boracay beaches are private, and only for the guest of that specific Boracay resort, however the majority of the beaches on Boracay are for public use.


The main Boracay beach attracts over 900,000 tourist yearly, with a good mix of international cultures visiting from all across the world, just to play and relax on the best beach in the Philippines, Boracay Beach. Since the eary 2000's Boracay has become more commercialized, having added more luxury hotels to the island like the Discovery Shores, Shangri-La and Regency, this has helped to make Boracay a top destination in the Philippines, if not the world, helping to propel this small tropical island into the public spotlight as a favorite beach destination for sand and sun conisuirers.


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Boracay Beach Resorts


There are over 275 hotels and resorts on Boracay, and you can find everything on the island from small native Nipa Hut type structures to luxury Boracay hotels, it all comes down to what you like and what you can afford, however keep in mind cheap does not equal less when it comes to Boracay resorts. Because there are so many different hotels on the island means the competion for your business is high, and thats great news, because of this fact Boracay has become a buyers paradise for vacation deals.


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Top 5 Boracay Beaches


Boracay White Beach

Boracay White Beach


Pictured here to the left is the main Boracay beach, the most popular beach with tourist, consisting of boat stations 1, 2 and 3 and stretching along the west coast of Boracay for 2.5 miles,it's this beach on Boracay that attracts some 900,000 tourist to this island each year from all over the world.



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Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach


An exclusive and semi-private white beach aslo located on the west side of Boracay Island. The sand on Diniwid beach is also powder soft, making this area of Boracay very desierable with people looking for a less crowed white beach. There are less then twenty Boracay resorts located here on Diniwid, most are small and privately owned.


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Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach


Located on the east side and at the center of Boracay Island Bulabog Beach is where the enthusiast for Boracay Kiteboarding and Wind Surfing go. From November thru Apirl during the islands high season months, the winds come from the North-East creating a perfect environment for Kiteboardes and Wind Surfers on Bulabog Beach.


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Puka Shell Beach

Puka Shell Beach


Located at the nothern tip of Boracay Island Puka Shell Beach is the very last of it's kind, pure white and undeveloped, no hotels or resorts are found here. Puka Shell Beach got it's name from the small "Puka Shells" found here, and used to make native Boracay jewelery. If you're looking place on Boracay to spend away from the crowds, then Puka Shell Beach is the place for you, white sand and peacefullness.


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Lapuz-Lapuz Beach

Lapuz-Lapuz Beach


One of the most exclusive white beaches on the east side of Boracay Island belongs to the famous Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Golf Resort and Country Club. Enjoy playing a round of golf on a championship 18 hole par 72 course that overlooks both Boracay Beach and Bulabog Beach. The Lapuz-Lapuz Beach is private and is used exclusively by the guest of Fairways and Bluewater Hotels.


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3 Days & 2 Nights Boracay Packages


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